Design of Country-Wide Agriculture Insurance Programs

In many low- and middle-income countries, there is little or no private or public experience or expertise in agricultural insurance provision.  CERES team can conduct detailed feasibility studies to design and budget agricultural insurance projects to create a sustainable and financially viable agricultural insurance market led by the private sector.

Risk management permits the agricultural sector to move forward. CERES provides expertise and assistance to clients in designing crop insurance programs and developing local knowledge within an agricultural policy framework that is flexible for adapting to different agribusiness sectors.

All the solutions that we can bring are purpose-built, backed by a professional team, quality work, scientific and current knowledge.

The design work covers the following major areas: (i) technical design (agricultural risk assessment leading into insurance product and program design and rating); (ii) institutional and organizational framework options, (iii) legal and regulatory considerations; (iv) insurance operating systems and procedural requirements; (v) budgeting physical and financial uptake scenarios; (vi) insurance and if appropriate reinsurance structuring; (vi) identification of the potential roles of the public sector and the costs of public sector support to the program.


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