Design and implementation of insurance and other risk financing solutions for agriculture

International experience shows that agricultural insurance programs are best designed as partnerships between the private and the public sectors. CERES assists clients to find the most appropriate institutional and operational framework for national agricultural insurance programs and costs out public sector support options. CERES has major experience in the conceptualization and realization of such programs for low- and middle-income countries. Key aspects include the technical design of appropriate insurance products, the identification of roles for the public and the private sector, addressing legal and regulatory concerns, supporting the establishment of effective insurance operating systems, insurance and reinsurance structuring, budgeting different insurance uptake scenarios, and continued technical assistance during implementation.

Beyond insurance, CERES designs other risk financing solutions for agriculture. This includes, for example, shock-responsive social safety nets using insurance principles for trigger design, as well as the adoption of sustainable disaster risk financing strategies.

Exemplary CERES outputs: Insurance program feasibility and design studies; technical reviews of existing insurance programs; continued technical assistance during the implementation and scale-up of agricultural insurance programs; comprehensive trigger and financial analytics tools for scalable social protection systems.



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