At CERES we assist clients engaged in risk financing and insurance for agriculture, both from the public and from the private sphere:

Public sector: Governments, development institutions

CERES provides comprehensive and solution-oriented consultancy services for governments and development institutions to develop macro-, meso- and micro-level agriculture insuranceschemes. Our team has developed major expertise that enables us to cover the entire value chain from identification of insurance gaps, product and program development, pricing, and institutional arrangements to pilot implementation and program scale up.

Private sector: Insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance brokers

CERES offers experience and expertise in developing agriculture insurance programs to assist the insurance industry to design and offer suitable and affordable agriculture risk transfer solutions and to provide capacity building and training to underwriters.

For brokers, CERES assists to design, rate and implement innovative agricultural insurance and reinsurance solutions. For this, we provide expertise on agriculture risk gathered on a wide array skills across all agriculture sectors and geographies.


We understand risk financing for agriculture. The CERES team has designed and worked on agricultural risk financing and insurance solutions across all agricultural sectors around the world.
We combine technical, reinsurance, and development expertise on agricultural risks. We bring together extensive experience from the respective sectors, including the reinsurance industry, international development institutions, and actuarial science.
We rely on cutting-edge analytics and technology. Where possible, CERES relies on advanced agricultural risk modelling, research and technology applications to enable state-of-the-art solutions to our clients' problems.


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